Race Entry Fee

This year’s fee is £25 per adult team and £15 per U18 team. You may enter your Kart into as many categories as you want. Great Cheverell residents get a concession and may enter for £10.00 per team. All profits from the event will be distributed to designated charities.

As an incentive we are offering an early bird discount of £5 off entries if you can commit by the 01st March 2020.

The link to download the entry form is is at the end of this page. Click here to skip all the info and just download it now.

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Soapbox Derby Rules

We have rules to make the race as safe as possible for everyone.

General Rules

  • A team consists of two or three people.
  • There will be a maximum of 40 teams allowed to participate in the event.
  • All participants must be registered for one of the following categories:
    • Family (one adult + one or two children under 16 years old),
    • Under 12 years old,
    • 12 to 17 year olds,
    • adult (18 years and over)
    • F1
  • To take part you must pay a race entry fee.
  • Teams with their Karts are to report to the nominated registration point at least one hour before the event starts to register and to have the team and Kart inspected. This year the event starts at 16:30 hours (4.30pm).
  • Any disputes will be dealt with by the Stewards. The Senior Steward’s decision is final.
  • Each entrant will be given a memento for taking part. Winners in each category will have their names inscribed on the winner’s trophy which will then be displayed in The Bell Inn.

Kart Rules

  • The Kart must be designed to have a minimum of three wheels on contact with the track.
  • The Kart must be powered by gravity or the force exerted directly by one or two pushers (no kinetics, no wind, no mechanical, electrical or fuel-air propulsion).
  • The Kart must have some form of functional braking system.
  • The Kart cannot be wider than 60 inches (5 feet).
  • Luge boards, skateboards, or similar vehicles do not qualify as a Kart.
  • Karts must not have any sharp edges or extended axles that may cause injury to team members, other competitors or officials.
  • Your Kart will be inspected at registration and will be required to be at a ‘workmanlike’ standard. Unsafe Karts or Karts in violations of these rules will not be allowed to race.

Safety Rules

  • Each person in the team must have a helmet that is secured to his or her head by a strap or other reasonable means – a minimum of a bicycle helmet is required.
  • All drivers and team members must register and those under 18 years must have signed permission of a parent or guardian.
  • If you don’t have a helmet or you fail to register (with appropriate permissions if required) you will not be allowed to race. (Please note: Helmets will NOT be available from the Race Organisers)
  • No pyrotechnics, fire or fireworks are allowed on the course or as part of any Kart.
  • No objects are to be thrown from or at Karts or team members; this includes water bombs or large quantities of water. Water from water pistols/guns is the only acceptable projectile which may be used from or against any Kart.

Race Rules

  • Races will be conducted as time trials and there will be a time gap between Karts. (No mass start)
  • There must be a driver in each Kart at the starting line and throughout the race.
  • The Kart must not move without a driver on/in the vehicle.
  • The Kart must only be pushed or pulled by the registered team members.
  • Team members must remain in contact with their Kart throughout the race.
  • No more than three people are allowed in a team while racing. Roles within the team may change and a pusher may take the place of the driver and jump into the Kart if required.
  • Contact with other Karts should be avoided. Dangerous activity will lead to disqualification.
  • There will be two compulsory drink stops during each race and each team member must consume a drink.
  • The finishing time will be recorded when the last member of the team crosses the finishing line.

NOTE: We ask spectators to ensure that nothing is thrown at the Karts (including water bombs/water balloons) during the races as this may disrupt or injure participants. The throwing of objects including water bombs/water balloons can be dangerous and has caused accidents in previous years’ events.

Entry Form

You can pick up an entry from from The Bell Inn, High Street Great Cheverell. Alternatively you can download the PDF entry form here.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Soapbox Derby Committee’. Completed entry forms can be delivered along with payment to The Bell, High Street, Great Cheverell or posted to: Soapbox Derby, Treetops, 34 High Street, Great Cheverell, Devizes, SN10 5TH.