Devizes Round table discover that there is quite a side-loading on the axles. It may also have something to do with too much weight...


Some carts look really nice, but they also need to be strong.

Small carts

Small carts are great but if you can all get on for the downhill run, it helps.


A good breaking system is a requirement, you will need to be able to stop.


Chunky wheels give great stability, but you have to push it uphill too.

Box car

A standard box-car design allows the pusher to jump in close behind the driver.

Garden machinery

Old garden machinery can be put to good use.

Steering bar

With a bath-chair style steering bar, remember that the steering bar moves right to turn left!


The Bin Men made their machine from a wheely bin! Don't forget that there is an up-hill section though...


A more classic 4 wheeled go-kart style with foot steering. (Did we mention that you may get wet)

pram base

An old pram base works but you can't all get on.


If you have an old bicycle and some welding skills, a tricycle style cart has the advantage of a ready-made braking system.


This is an F1 style cart with active suspension, disk brakes and a steering wheel!