February 24, 2018

The new formula 1 class for 2018

The C12 team with their F1 kart racing in the Great Cheverell Soap Box Derby

What is the new F1 class all about then?

Back in our 2015 event the C12 team, comprising Steve and Patrick Thomas, entered a superbly built kart (top picture). We thought that this was such a great kart that there would be others with similar engineering skills who would like to pit themselves against like-minded teams.

So the 2018 F1 class is for the cremé de la cremé of soap box racers and is all about engineering skills. The kart will need to be able to navigate the course at speed and be able to finely control that speed. We will run these teams as the last racers of the day and they will be subject to the same race rules as everyone else. They must complete a minimum of two pit-stops for “refueling” at the designated drink-stops.

The C12 team were not the fastest in 2015 (they were in fact fourth fastest in a time of 6min 16sec) but they had removed their extra lead weight which they were planning to use to give them a speed advantage.

Have you got what it takes to race in the F1 category?

F1 Soapbox Team (we can all dream)

Have you got what it takes to race in the F1 category?

We can't wait to see what you build.